Training for teachers within the project 'FlyRIC'

Teachers dive into the fascinating world of aviation.

Within the project “FlyRIC” there was offered a training at the FH OÖ where teachers had the opportunity to get to know everything about aviation. Prof. Dr. Franz Daschil, who is a passionate aviator himself, enthusiastically passed on his knowledge about aviation and physics to them. Through experiments and discussions, the teachers were able to reinforce their knowledge. In terms of the OpenPhysics concept the experiments are designed to be easily re-made at home or at school with simple devices. After a very exciting time, the teachers were looking forward to communicating their knowledge about aviation to their pupils at school.

The project “FlyRIC” is supporting interscholastic (net-)working. Through the integration of teachers and parents into the activities, the success of the project will be supported with a long-lasting effect.