Solar Powered Racefeeling

Teams with self-developed remote controlled Solar Cars fought at the RC Solar Car Challenge FH OÖ for victory on June 22 at the HAK-sports court in Wels. The BRP-Rotax apprentices showed excellent performance and their winning mentality at the races in the category 'Students / Youth U20 Group B'. Their commitment paired with their self-built solar car led to a second place as well as a confident first place in the category design, construction and poster.

In the RC-SolarCar Challenge of the FH OÖ, 30 teams with their self-developed remote-controlled solar cars raced with up to 30 kmph around the tricky course at HAK sports ground in Wels.

Captured by the Formula 1 racing feeling, the BRP-Rotax apprentices showed all their skills with solar power.