Landscape cleaning campaign: BRP-Rotax and RIC clean up

Landscape cleaning campaign: BRP-Rotax and RIC clean up

Working together and contributing to the protection of the environment: This was the motto of the BRP-Rotax apprentices together with their trainers, colleagues from the CSR team and the management of RIC (Regionales Innovations Centrum) GmbH, who were out and about in the Gunskirchen area on March 25 to clean up the surroundings from litter and other garbage.

The team did a great job and was motivated to go to work both in the company and along the surrounding roads, green areas and sidewalks and collected more than 20 bags of waste. "The landscape cleaning campaign of the market town of Gunskirchen is an obligatory appointment for us," says Werner Lehner, head of the BRP-Rotax apprentice workshop, "actively and jointly doing something for the environment is an important learning field, even if it is not part of the training plan. We want to teach our apprentices that everyone can make a contribution to both the community and the environment!"

Environmental protection and local commitment are firmly anchored in CSR strategy

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as a group-wide program of BRP, is closely linked to the corporate goals of its subsidiaries BRP-Rotax and RIC. In it, BRP pursues the ambitious goal of leading the industry with social commitment and actively shaping a better future for employees, people in local communities, customers and stakeholders. In addition to environmental protection and social responsibility, compliance with high ethical standards and sustainable corporate governance are key areas of action for the program. By participating in local events, such as the landscape cleaning campaign in Gunskirchen, BRP-Rotax and the RIC actively make a contribution to local people.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

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