Young, healthy and sexy … - Outdoor training for BRP-Rotax apprentices

Young, healthy and sexy … - Outdoor training for BRP-Rotax apprentices

18 BRP-Rotax apprentices from the 2nd year of apprenticeship took part in an outdoor training on "Health" at the BWZ Steyregg from 21st to 22ndAugust 2018.

With the headline "Jung, Gsund und Sexy ..." the apprentices were introduced to the fact that the health of the employees at BRP-Rotax comes first. As a result, targeted measures are already being taken in teaching on the subject of "health" and apprentices regularly take part in outdoor training.

In these trainings, the young colleagues are intensively involved with the body and physical or psychological consequences of alcohol, drugs, food addiction, bulimia but also sports addiction. In addition, they learn to detect "hidden traps" in food such as food labelling, sugar/fat content. The UKK walk test gives the young people exact information on their own condition. As a result, they learn how sports affect the body and how much sport is really healthy.

Even sensitive topics are addressed and discussed, such as what bullying and dealing with each other means for physical and mental health.

Statements of the apprentices:

Mihajlo Cvijanovic, machine construction technician: "I really liked the training, because we talked so much about food, addiction and sport. Even sitting at the campfire in a relaxed mood in the evening remained in my memory. The learning will help me a lot with my future nutrition."

Elias Hochhauser, motor vehicle technician: "It was very good that the training consisted not only of lectures but also of discussions. We learned a lot of specifics and our questions have always been addressed. That's how we learned exactly what we wanted to know. "

Eva Ehrengruber, motor vehicle technician: "I really liked it because we did more group work which worked very well. We felt more appealing because people presented were known to us for some time. The sitting together with the supervisors in the evening was great as we had many more talks and were able to get to know each other better."