Environmentally relevant savings at logistic area

Environmentally relevant savings at logistic area

Our CSR strategy aims to achieve as many savings as possible. We are pleased having succeeded in implementing some environmentally relevant changes in the logistics area in recent years.

In 2018 around 1200 pieces and in 2019 another 1500 pieces of the one-way wooden boxes were converted to reusable packaging with half mesh baskets. A wooden box weighted about 25 kg.  In 2020 another 1500 boxes are going to be replaced by reusable packaging. Since the switch to reusable packaging from 2018 to the end of 2020, 165 tons less wood waste has been generated than before.
The planned conversions will save annually around 110 tons of wood waste.

We achieved further success by using jumbo boxes instead of wirebaskets. Since jumbo boxes do not need to be lined with cardboard, we achieved a reduction in packaging material as well as disposal costs.
There was also a reduction in transport costs too. A jumbobox has a smaller volume compared to the mesh baskets and is also easier foldable. Throughout folding jumbo boxes, 75 % savings are guaranteed at return transport.

Up to now around 20.000 pieces of PVC delivery note pockets have been used each year. After the current inventory expired, the existing delivery note bags were replaced by paper bags. These are in use since August 2020.
The changeover saves around 60% of the costs.

In general, approx. 85% of part deliveries from European suppliers are delivered in reusable containers.

With all these changes and improvements, we provide a valuable contribution to the environment.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

+43 7246 / 601 2202 andrea.veitschegger@brp.com