Cross-border team action with fun factor

Cross-border team action with fun factor

Gunskirchen, October, 14th 2018 – From October, 12nd to 13rd, the winners of our RVVS and our Perfect Attendance Challenge were invited to ATV action, kart racing and culinary highlights that literally crossed borders.

At the RVVS, the Rotax improvement suggestion system, our colleagues receive a prize for their submitted and implemented ideas and the corresponding recognition from the management – Perfect Attendance acknowledges their outstanding presence during the year.

This year, 24 employees were among the winners and their start to the weekend was accordingly excellent: On Friday at 7 am the participants left Gunskirchen by bus, already at 10 am they had arrived in Bruck an der Leitha, in Austria's largest outdoor motor sports leisure facility. Here, they divided into two groups, took out their equipment and started their trainings – Darrell Smith stood by them as a guide.

The day was moving: The ATVs fought their way through the terrain at the driving camp, the karts whizzed to the finish line on the Euro race track, the engines howled and echoed through Speedworld to the horizon. The drivers had completed safety training such as Ride Safety for ATVs.

At noon the visors were folded up and the tasty lunch buffet was targeted. Here, everyone filled up a lot of fuel for their upcoming trip to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. There, they stayed in an elegant hotel and then went for dinner to the nearby Beer Pub "Fabrika", which in English means "factory". Slovak and international specialities from hearty to fine were served, in addition the locally known, in-house factory beer. The stimulating conversations quickly turned the factory into a smart factory.

The next day was departure, at 1. 30 pm everyone was back in Gunskirchen - the weekend could begin. Or had it already? The participants were in fact winners because they were paid for both days off. They had earned it, but it can also be an incentive for others who want to be among the winners next time.

A special thank you to Darrell Smith and his team, who impressively brought the Kart Passion to our employees. It was two great days with lots of action and fun, but also an incredible amount of team spirit.