BRP-Rotax apprentices at BRP-Rotax attended Outdoortraining „JUNG, GSUND UND SEXY…“

17 BRP-Rotax apprentices in their 2nd year of their apprenticeship participated, from the 7th until the 8th of July, in an outdoor training called „Jung, Gsund und Sexy…“ covering health as a topic at BWZ Steyregg.

The health of our employees has priority at BRP-Rotax. Therefore specific measures concerning the topic health are already set during the time of their apprenticeship. For example our apprentices are invited to take part in outdoor trainings on a regular basis.

During these trainings our apprentices learn interesting facts about their physique and what impact addictions such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, compulsive eating, bulimia but also addictions like sport have on the body and mental health. A close look is also taken at how to find ‘hidden traps’ in food (amount of sugar/fat, E-numbers…). Additionally do they have the opportunity to take part in a ‘UKK-Walk test’ in order to find out in what state their physical condition is. With this the adolescents learn what sport means for their body and how much is healthy. Also delicate topics like what mobbing does to mental health and how the treating of each other in a certain way affects health.

It was again a very successful outdoor training for the BRP-Rotax apprentices including a lot of fun and practical health advices.