Rotax Components

Cylinder Head

We offer complete machining of cylinder heads with CNC machines. Our strength is freeform milling of intake and exhaust valve seats according to specific construction specs.


Our lightweight crankshafts with complex freeform surfaces made with state-of-the-art machining technologies for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are manufactured in-house.

Connecting rod

The basic technology is based on single-piece connecting rods for an assembled crankshaft (with needle bearings) for 2-stroke engines. The connecting rods receive either a case hardening or a long-term gas nitrating heat treatment for strength and durability.


We perform all manufacturing processes for inductive hardened camshafts – from turning and milling of raw material to grinding complex cam profiles in modern specialized machines.

Cylinder crankcase

Our basic cylinder crankcase technology consists of aluminium casting with a cast iron liner. The machining/manufacturing process contains the following steps: rough machining and detailed machining of components, assembly, final machining of the assembly, honing of liner, deburring and high pressure washing process.
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