Efficient and practical business training

Efficient and practical business training

From July 2nd to 4th 2019, eighteen of our apprentices from the 3rd apprenticeship year participated in our yearly outdoor training. The topic was business management and it took place in BWZ Styregg.

For three days, the technical BRP-Rotax apprentices learned about basic concepts of business management and the structures and process organization of companies. They also got to know how to plan and calculate, how to convene meetings and correctly hold them. Moreover, they organized an outdoor company simulation game. Internal communication as well as marketing concepts, budgetary planning, controlling, resource management and customer orientation was part of the program. In addition, their knowledge of the company BRP-Rotax itself was deepened by presenting them several corporate topics in detail i.a. processes, change management, responsible persons, organizational charts and products.

The traditional bonfire talk took place on the second evening. This time Peter Ölsinger, GM BRP-Rotax / Member of the Management Board, VP Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications, and Ralf Waibel, Director Human Resources Austria & Finland, joined the youngsters. The apprentices had the opportunity to talk to both representatives of the management in a relaxed atmosphere about professional issues. They also got to ask them private questions, which were picked up with great excitement and were answered. The talk lasted until 11 p.m. when the last coal was long faded.

The apprentices showed enthusiasm:

“It was very interesting how much organization there is in a company and how all parts play together. If only one business division fails, the whole company would tip over. The communication between the individual divisions and in the whole company in general is very important, so that no misunderstandings and complications or unnecessary costs arise. It was good to observe how everybody discussed these topics and came up with solutions at the bonfire in the evening. This showed that there was motivation to make improvements,” said Eva Ehrengruber.

“Personally, I found it very interesting what we have learned about business management and the corporate divisions because everything has to work together. I also really liked the fact that we then put our knowledge in a practical part. We founded our own companies and were able to execute the various functions. My favorite part at the seminar was that we had to present a lot by ourselves and hence were able to increase our self-confidence.” Told Mihajlo Cvijanovic.

“In general, I think the outdoor trainings are good, because it is a change to our everyday work and we actively can to contribute our ideas all the time. We have learned things that we will need in the future. We have also carried out various projects, such as the founding of the companies, where you can see how the different business divisions are connected and interdependent. You learn to appreciate the different business divisions, no matter which one, because if one division stands still, the remaining ones will stand still too,” said Petar Juric.

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