Collaborative robot supports assembly

Collaborative robot supports assembly

In the industrial age 4.0, it is no longer just about the use of robots for automation, much moreit is an active collaboration between humans and robots.

In 2017, a robot-assisted workplace was set up in the RIC (Regional Innovation Center) GmbH, a subsidiary of BRP-Rotax, together with the BRP-Rotax apprentices in the RIC training center, which will now be committed to the BRP-Rotax assembly.

The structure consists of a UR10 robot arm with screwdriver and two screwing devices. The robot arm is equipped with a motor current measurement in all joints, which leads to a standstill of the robot during collisions.

In addition, additional safety systems were installed. So the screwdriver was extended by a suspension and distance sensors, so that the robot stops even when there are collisions on the underside of the screwdriver.

These additional safety devices enable a smooth collaboration between humans and robots and the robot can work with the employees without any further protective fences. 16 screws each are inserted in the screwing devices and tightened automatically after the robot arm has been released with the preset torque.

At the redesigned workplaces, people are supported in difficult or monotonous tasks by collaborative robots. The aim is to improve the work situation and quality in the production.

In order to be able to ensure the flexible operation of the robots by the employees, a own qualification program is necessary. Therefore, there is already a corresponding offer in the current course program 2017/18 of the ROTAX Academy.

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