Top BRP-Rotax apprentices - one year without any accident

Top BRP-Rotax apprentices - one year without any accident

Gunskirchen, 18. April 2017 – 365 days without any work accident! 105 BRP-Rotax apprentices celebrated this record together with their trainerteam.

"The safety of our employees is a particular concern to us, so our apprentices are well trained in safety regulations and the young people are taught the necessary tools to work efficiently and without risk," said DI Thomas Uhr, Managing Director of BRP- Rotax GmbH & Co KG and vice president of Powertrain BRP.

The siren shrills at the apprenticeshop. All apprentices are fully concentrated. Now it gets tricky and all their attention is required. The security siren is just one of numerous measures that have contributed to the record. Modern machines are used to train the young women and men and a lot of tipps for practice are provided to them. The first step to accident-free working is a good organization - the workplace should be clean and tidy. Problem solving sheets and safety RVVS (Rotax Improvement Suggestion System) are conveyed in exactly the same way as accident causes.

"I would like to congratulate the apprentices to one year without any work accident. This record shows how good our apprenticeship training is. I hope we can continue with this positive trend and I am sure that all of them continue working with the same concentration and attention." emphasized DI Thomas Uhr.

The accident-free year was celebrated on 18 April at RIC. 140 guests were invited: all apprentices, the representatives of the BFI and all BRP-Rotax executives. A hearty Bavarian snack with Weißwurst, pretzels and non-alcoholic beer was served. "We want to further expand this record and continue to invest very much in work safety in the future", DI Thomas Uhr said.

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