The first Rotax Oktoberfest ever - yes!

The first Rotax Oktoberfest ever - yes!

Gunskirchen, September 17th, 2018 – On Sunday, September 16th, 2018, the first Oktoberfest in the company's almost 100-year history took place on the premises of BRP-Rotax in Gunskirchen. All of the 1,150 employees and their families were invited, and over 2,000 visitors attended. No wonder, the colourful entertainment programme ranged from pretzels, beer and chicken to the Paldauer boys and game stations for young and old, even a spark plug changing competition was organized.

The Oktoberfest tent was already full in the morning because the annual anniversary celebration took place here, at which 52 colleagues were awarded gold ducats for their up to 45 years of service. This year's event had a special sports format because it was moderated by Marie Lang, who gave the party the right kick-off.

At 12 o'clock pm Thomas Uhr, General Manager of BRP-Rotax, enterd the stage, welcomed all guests and made sure that the Oktoberfest was opened with one stroke. The afternoon programme was led by the popular ORF sports presenter Marie Lang.

During company tours, visitors could see for themselves the great progress and highlights of the Gunskirchen2020 program, the most comprehensive investment, conversion and modernizaton program at the site, even the R&D departmend for research and development had opened its doors to the curious glances.

There was also exciting rider action on legendary BRP vehicles such as the ATVs and SSVs, which really got the Oktoberfest moving. At the same time, exciting children's workshops on vehicle and aviator construction were held, led by Rotax apprentices, at which 6 to 10-year-olds could test their skills and patience and 10 to 15-year-olds could prove their creativity and concentration.

During the fun spark plug change it turned out who was the master of his or her trade. At the end, the resolution of the estimation game, with it, it was clear to all when the first time and airplane with a Rotax engine rose into the air: June 23rd, 1971. At 6 pm the party was officially over.

Thomas Uhr, General Manager BRP-Rotax, Vice President Powertrain BRP and R&D/Operations Lynx: "The Oktoberfest was a great experience. We have had a very successful year economically with great successes. It's all the better that we're so great on a human level, too - we have a great team!"

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