TECVan: We bring NAWITECH to you!

TECVan: We bring NAWITECH to you!


A van, a unique concept for sustainable NAWITECH workshops and an important mission: RIC’s new “TECVan” starts its journey. Schools and education providers can book the innovative offer as of now.

With the motto „We bring NAWITECH to you!”, the Regional Innovation Center (RIC) is sending the new “TECVan” on its journey to children and young people throughout Upper Austria. The mission: to convey natural science and technology (NAWITECH) in an innovative and sustainable way.

The „TECVan“ is equipped with lots of technology for exciting workshops: a collaborative robot, a laser engraver, lathe, VR glasses, 3D printers and Lego, electronics and coding sets make NAWITECH an adventure for children and young people. In addition, live video calls via TV screens and tablets can be made with the apprentices at BRP-Rotax, providing an interesting insight into the BRP-Rotax apprentice workshop. Of course, experienced RIC trainers are also on board to support the educators directly on site with expertise and the necessary technical equipment.

RIC rethinks technical (school) education and career guidance

Since 2013, the RIC has already been successfully conducting school-related events such as McTEC workshops and the annual TEC2move, which get children and young people excited about science and technology (NAWITECH).

With the programs „RIC2School“ and “FIND YOUR TALENT”, technical (school) education and career orientation at RIC is being rethought in order to impart knowledge in an even more targeted and, above all, sustainable manner.

"RIC2School" comprises NAWITECH workshops for the primary level, which ensure the development of important, informatic-logical problem-solving skills and the acquisition of essential scientific-technical knowledge. The range of workshops is supplemented by special training courses for educators to also provide the necessary didactic knowledge.

The "FIND YOUR TALENT" program is made up of modular technical workshops for children from 4th grade elementary school onwards, which offer an age-appropriate technical "aha experience". With the program, RIC continues the modern, active encounter with technology and digitalization. The impulses conveyed in the workshops are intended to develop cognitive processes that are necessary to get young people more interested in technology and digitalization and to make technical teaching professions more attractive. The workshops take place in cooperation with the BRP-Rotax apprentice workshop and thus also offer an interesting insight into the working world of young employees at BRP-Rotax.

The TECVan provides the latest technologies and expert knowledge to schools and childcare facilities

With the TECVan, the RIC is making children, young people and educators "mobile" for NAWITECH: The unique vehicle has been in use since today and can be booked for on-site childcare programs and school events. All information about the new TECVan, educational programs and workshops is available on the RIC website at.

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Public Relations

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