TEC2move 2018 - New Visitor Record with great Class for all Classes

TEC2move 2018 - New Visitor Record with great Class for all Classes

Gunskirchen,June 29th, 2018 – TEC2move had over 2.000 pupils, teachers and curios people visiting the Welios in Wels, for the sixth time, from 26th till 28th of June.

The event, which is organized by the RIC (Regional Innovations Centrum) of BRP-Rotax, lasted three days and was all about natural science and technique (NAWITEC). The organizers cooperated with several partners in order to be able to realize this project. The purpose is to fill children with enthusiasm about natural science and technique, to wake their interest and to encourage them to tackle this topic.

The pupils used this opportunity to experience, discover and explore exciting things which are relevant and important for the future. In highly interesting workshops and hands-on stations, they were able to experiment in order to create and develop their own ideas. The tasks were tailored to the specific age groups.

A real highlight and eyecatcher was the High-Speed-Camera of the FH Oberösterreich, which showed the young visitors and their companions pictures that they never get to see. The Mobility360 was also very fascinating for the visitors. They were able to create a moving future with electric and automotive cars, as well as virtual realities. The children and adolescents set up future cities and villages, programmed robots, which autonomously bring things and people to their destination and learned, how to produce 360-degree-videos. Additionally, there were offered special exhibitions like the project “flyRIC”, information stands with the chance to win some interesting prizes and daily welcome gifts for the first 50 visitors.

There was also lots of action at the simulators, the Mars Rover with its spacesuits and the Model-Buggy-Parcours. The kindergarden kids really liked the Lego Creator, the BeeBots (bee robots) which can be controlled by commands through a parcours. Furthermore, the TEC2move-plane was also very popular, where the pupils learned about the basics of the CAD-drawing and proved their skills, creativity and concentration at soldering a propeller. Finally, the big question was answered, if Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute, which he designed more than 500 years ago, really is functioning – or not?

Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. (BA) Josef Fürlinger, general manager of the RIC GmbH said: „We are pleased about the high interest and the success of the TEC2move. We want to open up new ways into the future for children and adolescents and excite them for natural science and technique. However, especially for us, it is very fascinating to see the curiosity and pleasure they have when participating in the workshops and experiments.”

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

+43 7246 / 601 2202 andrea.veitschegger@brp.com
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