Team training for an optimal start

Team training for an optimal start

Under the motto ONE for ALL, ALL for ONE, the 20 new BRP-Rotax apprentices took part in the team training at the BWZ in Steyregg in the first year of their apprenticeship. The days together were a complete success and were used to get to know each other even better.

Through various activities, the apprentices were able to get to know each other better and build trust with each other. This is especially important because everyone should find their place within the team. Good cooperation ensures more success and fun at work.

In addition, the apprentices experienced the difference between cooperation and competition during exercises. In order to prepare themselves optimally for the next years of apprenticeship, they deciphered commonalities and differences, but individual strengths were also identified, which can then be used optimally for the team.

Every year about 20 young people start an apprenticeship at BRP-Rotax. In their own training workshop, in the RIC (Regional Innovation Centre), they receive practice-oriented training in the areas of aircraft, metal, process and automotive technology as well as mechatronics and industrial clerk.

The BRP-Rotax apprenticeshop is state-of-the-art. For the apprentices it offers optimal conditions for the start of a technical career.

In addition to the regular training, the young people complete their own teaching modules during their apprenticeship, with the focus on personal development. This includes an outdoor training, apprentice exchange programs with partner companies in Germany and abroad, employment law training, first aid training, driving safety training courses and premium seminars. The young talents finish their apprenticeship with the English Matura. Anyone who would like to combine teaching with the entire Matura is also supported by the company.

BRP-Rotax opens up new perspectives for young professionals for their professional future in the field of power sports.


Luca Fleischmann: 'I liked the training very much. I thought it was great to notice how we became a team. Before, there were groupings and now we are like one big group, one team.'

Murisa Masinovic: 'The training itself was fun. The exercises were easy to do when working in a team. From yesterday to today I noticed that I trust several people and not only individuals. Well, it worked out.'

Ben Niklas Lehner: 'We all grew together during the training. We are somehow like one big family. We trust each other more now. We all did the exercises because we all held together.'

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