Our great BRP-Rotax apprentices

Our great BRP-Rotax apprentices

The management of BRP-Rotax honoured all apprentices who completed the vocational school with an “excellent success” or a “very good success”, who passed their apprenticeship or their final examinations, as well as those, who achieved a “very good” or a “good” mark within the apprentice competition.

In particular, the apprentices were pleased about the laudatory words and the little gift from Thomas Uhr, General Manager BRP-Rotax, Vice President Powertrain BRP and R&D/Operations Lynx.

All in all, the successful results of the apprentices can be shown:
• Out of the 50 apprentices, who completed vocational school during the period from March 2017 till February 2018, 29 passed with an “excellent success” and 12 with a “good success”.
• All 50 apprentices reached a 1.52 grade point average.
• Out of the 15 apprentices, who already passed their final examinations, four passed with an “excellent success” and seven with a “good success”.


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