Siegfried Lehner honored by Viktor Sigl

Siegfried Lehner honored by Viktor Sigl

KommR Viktor Sigl, President of the Upper Austrian parliament, visited the BRP-Rotax apprenticeshop on 2nd May and honored Siegfried Lehner, head of the apprenticeshop, for his long-term commitment to apprenticeship training.

Siegfried Lehner started his professional career at Rotax in August 1972 and has been successfully managing the BRP-Rotax apprenticeshop since September 2003.

He is a passionate trainer for apprentices. The young people know that they are his protégés that he always lends an ear to them. With the concept of "Lehreplus" and other diverse projects which not only provide excellent professional know-how, but also an increase of social skills, the BRP Rotax apprenticeshop under the direction of Siegfried Lehner was awarded with the state award for the
best teaching enterprises.

In addition to teaching technical knowledge BRP-Rotax gives special attention to personality development. The aim of holistic education is to train young people to self-confident, committed and technically skilled specialists. The BRP-Rotax apprenticeshop is highly advanced and state-of-the-art. It offers optimal conditions for a start of a technical career to the apprentices. In addition to regular training, the young people complete special “Karriereplus”- modules, which focus on personal development. These include outdoor training, apprentice exchange programs with partner companies in Germany and abroad, first aid training and much more. The young talents complete their apprenticeship with the English Matura. Those who want to combine working with a full-fledged Matura are also supported by the company.

Six technical teaching professions are available at BRP-Rotax: Mechatronics, Automotive, Aircraft, Production and Metal Technology with the main focus on mechanical engineering or machining technology.



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