"McRobo" in the ARS Electronica Center

"McRobo" in the ARS Electronica Center

Together with Otelo and JKU Linz, the RIC (Regional Innovations Centrum) organized an exciting day on the topic of “digitalization” in the ARS Electronica Center Linz.

The day started with an Otelo business game, the "futurespace", where you could test your digital media skills. In the business game, the participants experienced the great freedom of design that is created by the new technologies in our living environment and which effects can be triggered. There was also a discussion about how pervasive and important digitalization has become in schools and also in industry.

In the afternoon, the JKU Linz awareness workshop followed. The topics "Gender-sensitive pedagogy" and "Diversity" were demonstrated very clearly.

The joy of experimentation is used in the McROBO project to introduce children and young people to science and technology and to familiarize them with the topics of robotics, digitization, virtual reality and the world of work in the 21st century in a playful way. The aim of the McROBO project is to discover, promote and develop long-term contacts with schools / young people / parents.

The consortium of the project consists of the consortium leader RIC and three strong partners from the business world - BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG, Otelo Offenes Technologie Labor Vorchdorf and Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH - as experienced scientific partners on board are the Ars Electronica Center, the Johannes -Kepler University (Department of Diversity & Gender Management) and the FH Wels. In addition, six educational institutions are actively involved: from elementary school through the new middle schools to higher education institutions.

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Public Relations

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