Long night of the apprentice shop 2018 - total success!

Long night of the apprentice shop 2018 - total success!

On Thursday, November 20th, 2018 the doors were open at BRP-Rotax for all adolescents who are interested in an apprenticeship. The long night of the apprentice shop was already organized for the fourth time and it again turned out that nobody needs to dream of his future, he can touch it there – from robotics to 3-D-prints and system controls to our popular Kart-simulator.

About 200 adolescents, aged between 15 and 17, visited with their parents to experience an evening full of technique and to convince themselves of the many advantages the apprenticeship at BRP-Rotax has to offer.

There were 10 working stations available where the visitors could gain an insight into the six different teaching professions. These are the following:

- Automotive technician (main module motorcycle technology)
- Aircraft technician
- Metal technician (main module mechanical engineering)
- Metal technician (main module machining technology)
- Mechatronics engineer
- Process technician

The BRP-Rotax apprentices and the trainer team who organized the event perfectly, answered all the questions about apprenticeship. Additionally, they let them take a seat in the popular Kart-simulator, which the boys and girls immediately tried in order to get the real Rotax feeling. By the way, 20% of the BRP-Rotax apprentices are girls.

The BRP-Rotax apprentice shop, where they will complete a part of their apprenticeship, is at a high level and provides the optimal conditions for a successful start into the future. As apprentices, they are part of the team right from the start, get to know different areas of the company, take part in various projects and contribute their ideas. In addition, they will participate in specialized courses, excursions and trainings and do some special LehrePlus-modules where the focus is on their personal development. Also, they will complete their apprenticeship with A-levels in English; if they want to combine it with the whole A-levels, they will gladly get support from the company. Afterwards, they can be promoted to a team leader position or build a specialist career.

Over 300 apprentices already did their basic training at BRP-Rotax, approx. a quarter of all employees and almost a fifth of all executives started their career with an apprenticeship.

We would like to thank all participants, our apprentices and their trainers for this long evening, which once again made clear: The ones who bring interest, excitement and thirst for action, will experience thrilling tasks, an open working atmosphere and an exciting future at BRP-Rotax.

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