LEGO Workshop at the RIC

26 children of the kindergarten from Gunskirchen had lots of fun at the LEGO Creator Workshop during the flyRIC project. Concentrated and eagerly they built their own airplanes. The trainers and the apprentices of BRP-Rotax supported the 3 to 6 year old children with help and advice. Finally, the children packed their home-made aircrafts into their backpacks very joyfully.

BRP-Rotax and its subsidiary RIC want to promote the interest for technique of children and adolescents with the McTec workshops. The aim of this project is to increase their enthusiasm for both the natural scientific and technical industries. In order to improve the activities of young people sustainably, the department for Gender & Diversity Management of the Johannes Keppler University in Linz, which is also partner of the flyRIC project, carefully monitored and analyzed the LEGO workshop.

For the future, we wish these children much joy in building and designing.

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