Inspiring technical experience

Inspiring technical experience

23 children of the elementary school 1 Marchtrenk were guests at the RIC on 20 March. At the "Girls Day Junior" they enthusiastically shaped, screwed, handcrafted and soldered. The result: a self-built model airplane that inspired the children's interest in technology.

The RIC (Regional Innovation Center) annually organizes the "Girls' Day Junior" together with the BRP-Rotax apprenticeshop. The half-day workshop is primarily aimed at girls to strengthen their talents and abilities in the fields of technology and natural sciences. This year the pupils of the 4th Class of the VS 1 Marchtrenk were guests. And they also took their male schoolmates with them. A team of trainers and BRP-Rotax apprentices accompanied the children to experience technology in a playful way and to learn how to build an airplane model with simple materials, hot wire cutters and soldering irons.
In the workshop the children practice their dexterity in handling tools and the exact building according to instructions. However, creativity is expressly desired and in the end beautiful, unique airplanes were created, which the children proudly took home with them together with many new impressions.

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