100 days without an accident!

100 days without an accident!

100 days without a single accident are 100 good reasons for all BRP-Rotax employees to celebrate together!

Gunskirchen, April 5, 2018 – BRP Rotax. The safety and health of all employees is a top priority at BRP-Rotax. Therefore, we are very pleased that our more than 1,100 colleagues at the Gunskirchen site have been working without accidents and downtime the last 100 days. This was celebrated with a typical Austrian “Leberkäse-Jause”, to which the management had invited all employees.

100 reasons for 100 days without accidents

Concerning safety and health, the main focus lies on prevention. Our workplaces are evaluated regularly by safety technicians and occupational physicians. Further, measures to improve safety at the workplace are supported and implemented. The first step towards accident-free working is a good organisation: The workplace must be clean and tidy and the safety regulations have to be followed in order to work riskless.

It is the merit of every employee to guarantee a safe working environment, to take care of themselves as well as others and contribute with new ideas. Every year more than 2,000 security proposals are received and implemented. Thus, urgent topics are dealt with at short notice. Our colleagues react personally and directly and eliminate dangers themselves. This includes, for example, the identification and elimination of slipping and impact risks. The company suggestion system is embedded in BRPMS.

BRP Management System (BRPMS)

The BRP Managementsystem (BRPMS) is a holistic, group-wide management system based on continuous improvement, process optimization and avoidance of waste. Also, topics like cleanliness, order and teamwork are included. The BRPMS-training already takes place during the apprenticeship and is an integral part of the lived corporate culture.

BRPMS helps to take challenges and changes as opportunities for improvement and to better shape the future together. The consistent application of BRPMS sustainably improves productivity, effectiveness and competitiveness and reduces costs through more efficient processes. The personal commitment of all employees is central here.

Thomas Uhr, General Manager BRP-Rotax, Vice President Powertrain BRP and R&D/Operations Lynx: „We really like to win at BRP-Rotax – this competition only has winners: 100 days without accidents! Over 1000 winners – the entire team has won and confirmed: BRP-Rotax puts safety and health first!”

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

+43 7246 / 601 2202 andrea.veitschegger@brp.com

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