100.000th improvement proposal at BRP-Rotax

100.000th improvement proposal at BRP-Rotax

30 new ideas per working day - this means between 8,000 and 10,000 improvement proposals per year at BRP-Rotax. The operational proposal scheme RVVS (Rotax-Verbesserungs-Vorschlagssystem - Rotax Improvement Proposal System) was introduced in 2000. 2016 the 100,000th idea can now be celebrated.

For all implemented proposals, the employees receive a small bonus which underlines the recognition and appreciation of the management.

The daily commitment of our employees in combination with the numerous and varied proposals leads to a system with the highest effectiveness, which contributes significantly to the success of BRP-Rotax.

The operational proposal system is embedded in BRPMS. BRPMS is a holistic management system used by BRP-Rotax which shapes the future and uses challenges and changes as an opportunity for improvement.

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