Health days: HAPPY@ROTAX

Health days: HAPPY@ROTAX

Gunskirchen, July 12, 2022 Health and safety are in the first place at BRP-Rotax, thereby prevention plays an essential role. That’s why we have been organizing the Rotax Health Days for several years, which provides our more than 1,700 employees with important recommendations ranging from health checks to lectures to workshops, so that they can take action on their own and on their responsibility.

This year Rotax hosts the Health Days from 20th June until the 1st July 2022 under the slogan HAPPY@ROTAX. To ring in the weeks ahead, HAPPY@ROTAX T-shirts were issued to the employees in the beginning. The goal of this year’s health days was to focus all employees on the positive and to set activities that strengthen both, their own and the community’s well-being.

Within the framework of this year’s Health Days was again offered a lot: Trial workouts to a diverse range of courses at our in-house health and fitness center, the doo it, which invites you to try body weight workouts, piloxing and dance workouts. In addition, classes were offered to boost the immune system – which is an excellent and preventive measure in times like these. Various workshops and lectures aimed at strengthening the well-being of all employees, were in the spotlight. A lecture on good cooperation, a happiness workshop and an ice bathing workshop, which was definitely the highlight of these health weeks, could be attended by employees.

Information booths on various topics that our employees are confronted with on a daily basis, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) or a healthy and balanced diet, were visited by numerous employees. Also, the prevention of the cardiovascular disease is close to our hearts, which is why regular health checks in the form of cardiovascular risk profiles were planned. Here was the focus on determining personal cardiovascular risk by measuring cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, BMI and by analyzing other risk factors. Furthermore, all participants received tips on how to reduce their individual cardiovascular risk.

Since the reduction and proper handling of stress is also essential for the quality of life of our employees, the program included a stress prophylaxis according to TCM with Dr. Beate Schlager-Wirlinger in individual sessions. A rest and relaxation area including a “brainLight system” was also set up and made available. Relaxation was possible at the touch of a button, followed by a perfectly coordinated combination of massage, heat, light and music.

At Rotax the engagement comes from the heart: The company tries to raise awareness of its own health, identify possible deficits in time and provide tips on improvement measures as well as suggestions for a generally healthier lifestyle and Rotax was also named Austria’s Healthiest Large Company for this commitment.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

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