Health training 'young, healthy and sexy…'

Health training 'young, healthy and sexy…'

11 BRP-Rotax apprentices in the 2nd year of their apprenticeship took part in a health-focused outdoor training themed “Jung, Gsund und Sexy …” (“young, healthy and sexy …”) in the BWZ Steyregg from August 22nd to 23rd, 2017.

The health of the employees has top priority with BRP-Rotax. Therefore, we already start taking measures to promote health during apprenticeship and among other activities regularly invite our apprentices to an outdoor training.

During these trainings our apprentices learn interesting facts about their physique and what impact addictions such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, compulsive eating, and bulimia but also addictions like sports have on the body and mental health. A close look is also taken at how to find ‘hidden traps’ in food (amount of sugar/fat, E-numbers…) and they have the opportunity to take part in a ‘UKK walking test’ to find out in what state their physical condition is. With this, the adolescents learn what sport means for their body and how much of it actually is healthy. Furthermore, sensitive topics like what mobbing does to mental health and how treating each other in certain ways affects health.

Statements of the apprentices:

Dominik Breitwieser: "In those two days we have learned how important healthy eating and physical activities are. We also talked about alcohol, nicotine and various other drugs. It was very informative for me and I think that prevention is important."

Muriz Masinovic: "I liked the health training very much. I took a lot away from it and can recommend everyone to take care for their own health."

Florian Lorenz: "The health training was fun and very interesting. The topic addiction appealed me the most. I liked the training itself very much, because we grew together as a team more."

Teaserpicture: Health training © BRP

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