Health Training 2019: "Jung, G'sund und Sexy"

Health Training 2019: "Jung, G'sund und Sexy"

14 BRP-Rotax apprentices in the 2nd year of apprenticeship took part in a health-focused outdoor training themed “Jung, Gsund und Sexy …” (“young, healthy and sexy …”) in the BWZ Steyregg from August 21st to 22nd

The health of the employees has top priority with BRP-Rotax. Therefore, we take measures to promote health already during apprenticeship and, among other activities, regularly invite our apprentices to an outdoor training.

During these trainings our apprentices learn interesting facts about their physique and what impact addictions such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, compulsive eating, and bulimia but also addictions like sports have on the body and mental health. A close look is also taken at how to find ‘hidden traps’ in food (amount of sugar/fat, E-numbers…) and they have the opportunity to take part in a ‘UKK walking test’ to find out in what state their physical condition is. With this, the adolescents learn what sport means for their body and how much of it actually is healthy. Furthermore, sensitive topics like what mobbing does to mental health and how treating each other in certain ways affects health.

Statements of the apprentices:

Marcel Ljubas: What I liked very much is that with movement you can achieve a lot and that you your head gets clear too and not only improve your fitness. In the evening we were at the bowling alley and it was so great that we won twice against Mr Lehner.

Tanja Strasser: I it was cool that we did a lot of health exercises, for example the fascia roles and the various stretching and strength exercises. It also was great that we were able to create the posters ourselves, because we could learn a lot from their content.

Jeannette Groiß: I think it's great that we've talked not just about things that are good for our bodies, but also about things that are not good for us, such as fast food or even drugs. It also was great that we were allowed to do the UKK walk-test because it showed us exactly how fit we are and what we can do to make our physically fitter.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

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