Fit and Xsund @ Rotax

Fit and Xsund @ Rotax

BRP-Rotax organized the annual Health Days from 1st to 12th April 2019. This year, it was held under the motto “Fit and Xsund @Rotax”.

Health and safety are a top priority at BRP-Rotax, prevention plays a decisive role. That is why we have been organizing the Rotax Health Days for years, which give our more than 1,150 employees important behavioural tips and recommendations for action, from health checks to lectures and workshops, so that they can act on their own responsibility.

The Health Days are always dedicated to a specific theme. This time, it was all about staying fit and healthy in private and at work.

That's why a lot was offered at this year's Health Days:

Lung profiles with spiro and smokerlyzer, body profiles with BIA, cardiovascular risk profiling with measurement of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI as well as fitness profiles with endurance tests. The extensive offer was supplemented by deep relaxation courses, outdoor-trainings for holistic endurance, strength and coordination as well as various information stands and workshops, where everything revolved around nutrition and lifestyle. It was taught how to prepare a fast and healthy office kitchen and how shift workers can also eat and stay healthy. Within the impulse lecture “Phychology to go”, the topic of lifestyle change was discussed, in the Brainlight relaxation lounge the employees could enjoy a small massage and a non-smoking seminar was offered. In addition to the diverse activities, the employees were provided “breathing exercises to go” directly at the work space.

This year, there is a special challenge that started during the health weeks. The employees of BRP-Rotax have the opportunity to join the BGF-Challenge World Tour powered by GKOÖ. In this virtual sports tournament, we want to win the title “Healthiest Upper Austrian Company”.

As it turned out, the satisfaction with the offers is high, the registrations were particularly fast this time, the events were almost fully booked in the course of a single day.

At Rotax, commitment comes from the heart: With events such as the Health Days, the company tries to raise awareness of its own health, recognize possible deficits in good time and provide tips for improvement measures and suggestions for a generally healthier lifestyle.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

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