Business training from its most heartwarming side

Business training from its most heartwarming side

From the 3rd to the 5th of July eleven of our apprentices from the 3rdapprenticeship year took part at our yearly outdoor training. The theme was economy in BWZ Steyregg.

For three days, they learned about organizational structures from companies, especially our own company. They also learned how to plan and calculate, convened meetings and correctly hold them. Moreover, they organized an outdoor “company-game”. In-house communication was part of the program as well as marketing concepts, budgetary planning, controlling, resource management and customer orientation.

The traditional bonfire talk took place on the second evening. This time Sigrid Leutgeb, Director Human Resources, and Wolfgang Rapberger, Vice President Global Sourcing Powertrain & Operations Gunskirchen joined our youngsters. They got the opportunity to talk to both representatives of the management in a relaxed atmosphere about work and private questions on an equal footing. There questions were picked up with great excitement and answered. The talk lasted till 11 p.m., occasionally till midnight when the last coal was long faded.

The apprentices showed enthusiasm:

“This outdoor training concerned BWL and in particular business divisions and their in-house team work. I am surprised in a positive sense, since that was really interesting.” Said Dominik Breitwieser.

“I was really pleased, when Miss Leutgeb and Mister Rapberger joined us, that they took their time and took us seriously. One could see that they were both interested. That really motivates me, since you notice that someone is there who actually appreciates you.” Thought Muriz Masinovic.

“Those three days have been a great experience. We learned a lot – how our company works. We now have a greater picture about our company and why the management makes some decisions, which we know understand. Concluded Marcel Zauner.

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