CSR initiative: habitat for insects and bees

CSR initiative: habitat for insects and bees

An earthen embankment without plants not only looks unsightly, but also slides easily when it rains. The right planting prevents this and makes the landscape more beautiful. This is what happened at BRP-Rotax, where trees and shrubs were planted on over 2,500 square meters at the beginning of April.

But BRP-Rotax's earthen embankment can do even more: with organic seeds for a native flower meadow, it becomes an important habitat for insects and bees.

A good reason for the CSR team at BRP-Rotax to dedicate this year's World Earth Day employee campaign to bees, bumblebees & co.

On April 22, BRP-Rotax employees received bags of flower seeds. This way, everyone can create their own insect-friendly flower meadow at home. A total of 1,200 packets of flower seeds were distributed - the sum again amounts to a planted area of about 2,500 square meters.

BRP-Rotax would like to thank Maschinenring Wels, which participated in the CSR employee campaign by delivering and providing 300 free flower seed bags. "Flower meadows not only make an important contribution to species conservation, but are also a good alternative to lawns in private areas due to their low maintenance requirements," says DI Joachim Keplinger (garden designer Maschinenring Wels).

By planting them on the company premises and in each individual garden at home, we are jointly creating half a hectare of habitat for insects and bees, thus making a contribution to biodiversity and sustainable environmental protection.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

+43 7246 / 601 2202 andrea.veitschegger@brp.com

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