BRP-Rotax: Sustainable mobility

BRP-Rotax: Sustainable mobility

Everybody leaves a carbon footprint and produces emissions that contribute to global warming. Mobility is a key factor in the production of harmful exhaust gases. In order to raise awareness of social responsibility, the focus of CSR activities at BRP-Rotax this year was on mobility.

Interested employees were provided with exciting information about mobility in four Mobility cafes.

To improve the personal carbon footprint, BRP-Rotax set up an intranet platform. Anyone who traveled by bike or on foot had the opportunity to enter the kilometers covered. This gave each participant the information on how much CO2 he or she personally saved. For all those whose commute could not be handled by bike, the "Rotax Carpool" platform was installed. Here it was about to form carpooling. A win for all: it was not just an initiative for environmental protection, but the employees saved time, money and nerves. As an incentive to participate, a raffle was also held, where great prizes were raffled.

BRP-Rotax prides itself on 47,200 kilometers driven and 19,100 kilometers traveled in carpools. With the help and participation of the participants, the CO2 footprint was reduced by 10,600 kg CO2.

Each saved car kilometer was converted by BRP-Rotax into a donation, which supports the Kumplgut in Wels, which helps cancer and severely ill children to regenerate after their hospital stay in a relaxed environment and regain their strength and the club Vehicle, a motor vehicle workshop in which trainees learn the craft of automotive engineering or bodywork technology as part of an apprenticeship.

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