BRP-Rotax jubilee celebration - 2,000 years of concentrated work experience

Important events in history and, above all, a big thank you to the employees who have provided BRP-Rotax with their ideas and knowledge for decades marked the jubilee celebration in 2019.
It is always a very special celebration when we come together at BRP-Rotax to celebrate our jubilees and their achievements.

A total of 67 of our colleagues were honored this year for their 25, 35, 40 and 45 years of service to the company. They stood on the stage and enjoyed their applause.

Starting point for the celebration was the champagne reception and the making of the group photo. Then the honors started: Wolfgang Rapberger, GM BRP-Rotax, VP Global Sourcing & Operations Powertrain welcomed the jubilees and their companies and thanked them for their loyalty and commitment. Hard to believe today, but true - four of the jubilees have been working at Rotax since 1979, two of them even since 1974.

The entire management and the Director HR Ralf Waibel as well as the BRP-Rotax works council congratulated. Wolfgang Rapberger, GM BRP-Rotax, VP Global Sourcing & Operations Powertrain, Peter Ölsinger, GM BRP-Rotax and VP Sales, Marketing, RPS-Business & Communications, Jean-Francois Lambert, GM BRP-Rotax and VP R&D Powertrain jointly presented certificates, photos, flowers, gifts and the traditional gold ducats. The recipients were happy and waved into the cameras as their faces and names were displayed on the large screen.

Everything was crowned with a jubilee buffet. The band "Lounge Lane" provided the atmosphere. It was again a successful jubilee celebration and the guests let the evening end with many stories from the past.

Wolfgang Rapberger, GM BRP-Rotax, VP of Global Sourcing & Operations Powertrain: "We are very grateful to our employees for being the driving force behind our innovations. Technologies change rapidly, but their commitment remains constant and their team spirit is still increasing, growing every year, shaping our company and welds us together even more. This consistency of commitment is the foundation of the success story we are writing together. "

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

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