BRP-Rotax is celebrating the Earth Day

BRP-Rotax is celebrating the Earth Day

On Tuesday, 10th April 2018, the whole world revolves around the earth at BRP-Rotax Gunskirchen:

This year, the company is celebrating the annual Rotax Earth Day with an internal farmers’ market, which is offering regional exquisiteness from direct marketers, also raising awareness for using resources in the right way and last but not least, increasing the regional added value.

The farmers’ market is taking place on the company’s premises from 9pm to 15pm. All employees are welcome to visit the market and enjoy the delicious regional products. It is the best opportunity to inform oneself, shop and eat. There is also a workshop offered about the topic “healthy office snack”. It is all about learning how to make a quick healthy snack for the office with regional and seasonal products. The workshop will be repeated a week later.

The products are provided by regional marketers from Gunskirchen, Bad Wimsbach, Edt/Lambach, Pennewang, Pichl, Pupping, Thalheim and Weißkirchen. There is offered variety: from cheese and dairy products to pumpkin seed oil, vinegar and jam up to different meat or fish specialities, fruits and vegetables. All of these products and marketers makes the Earth Day a special event.

Wolfgang Rapberger, Vice President Global Sourcing Powertrain & Operations Gunskirchen says: “BRP-Rotax uses this day of the earth to draw attention to a respectful handling of resources and the environment. While doing so, there are always two questions: What are the company and the individual able to contribute to sustainability? With our CSR-actions we want to strengthen social responsibility and whet the appetite for more.”

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