Big day for all BRP-Rotax apprentices

Big day for all BRP-Rotax apprentices

Today, Peter Ölsinger, General Manager of BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG honoured all apprentices who completed the vocational school with an “excellent success” or a “very good success”, those who passed their apprenticeship or their final examinations, as well as those, who achieved a “very good” or a “good” mark within the apprentice competition. In particular, the apprentices were very pleased about the laudatory words and the little gift from Peter Öslinger.

All in all, the successful results of the apprentices can be proudly shown:

  • Out of the 58 apprentices, who completed vocational school, 23 passed with an “excellent success” and 10 with a “good success”.
  • All 58 apprentices reached a 1.89 grade point average.
  • Out of the 11 apprentices, who already passed their final examinations, four passed with an “excellent success” and four with a “good success”.

Every year, about 19 young people start their apprenticeship at BRP-Rotax. They are trained in BRP-Rotax’s own apprentice shop, in the RIC (Regional Innovation Centrum) and can choose from six different teaching professions:

- Automotive technician (main module motorcycle technology)
- Aircraft technician
- Metal technician (main module mechanical engineering)
- Metal technician (main module machining technology)
- Mechatronics engineer
- Process technician

The BRP-Rotax apprentice shop, where they will complete a part of their apprenticeship, is at a high level and provides the optimal conditions for a successful start into the future. As apprentices, they are part of the team right from the start, get to know different areas of the company, take part in various projects and contribute their ideas.

In addition, they will participate in specialized courses, excursions and trainings and do some special LehrePlus-modules where the focus is on their personal development. Also, they will complete their apprenticeship with A-levels in English; if they want to combine it with the whole A-levels, they will gladly get support from the company. Afterwards, they can be promoted to a team leader position or build a specialist career.

Congratulations to all BRP-Rotax apprentices!

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations

+43 7246 / 601 2202

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