BGF-Gütesiegel: Award for workplace health promotion

BGF-Gütesiegel: Award for workplace health promotion

Gunskirchen, February 6, 2018 – BRP-Rotax was awarded the Upper Austrian Gütesiegel for outstanding workplace health promotion for the second time. The award ceremony took place on February 6th in the "Ursulinenhof" in Linz, where Mag. Dr. Andrea Wesenauer, director of the Upper Austrian health insurance institute, presented the winners with the prize

"We are pleased that our variegated endeavors around the topic of health promotion have been rewarded with this award again. Employees who feel at home in their workplace are more productive and thus make a significant contribution to the company's success, "says Mag. Sigrid Leutgeb, Director Human Resources & Communications.

The BGF Gütesiegel is an award of the "Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion" (ÖNBGF) and is supported by the "Fund Healthy Austria" (FGÖ). Only companies that implement sustainable measures for workplace health promotion in accordance with the quality criteria of the "European Network for Workplace Health Promotion" are awarded. For BRP-Rotax, it is an outwardly visible sign that the company cares about the health of its employees.

"We know the importance of healthy employees as a key factor for entrepreneurial success and we are geared to high, internationally recognized quality standards in the implementation of health promotion measures," emphasizes Sigrid leutgeb.

The starting point for the comprehensive measures was the project DOO it! GSUND, which BRP-Rotax launched together with the "Fund Healthy Austria". This resulted in the in-house health and fitness center doo it, which is used intensively by employees and their relatives.

Furthermore, a whole series of sub-projects was implemented in the company with which the health-burdening influences were reduced. To improve working conditions, life-phase-based working time models have been developed, workplaces got ergonomically designed with the help of occupational physicians and improved air quality in production and optimized lighting in the factory through the installation of a new LED lighting system.

The daily health supplement is provided by the company restaurant, which received the "Healthy Cuisine" award from the Province of Upper Austria. There are regular health days with different topics. The employees of BRP-Rotax prove their individual fitness again and again with good placings at various running events.

Other focal points include a comprehensive executive program for "Healthy Leadership" and numerous offers for apprentices, ranging from outdoor training to physical education through to prevention seminars.

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