Successful season for the Racing Team of FH Joanneum Graz

Successful season for the Racing Team of FH Joanneum Graz

Again, the Racing Team of FH Joanneum Graz, “the Weasels”, participated in this year’s Formula Student in cooperation with its partner BRP-Rotax.

Formula Student is an international design competition where students from all over the world develop, design and build their own race car every year. Currently there are about 600 teams competing for victory. They design their vehicles in three different categories: Combustion, Electric and Driverless, whereby the Weasels only participate in the area of Combustion.

By obeying specific rules, there again was used the BRP-Rotax 602 ACE powertrain during year 2018. Originally this is a Ski-Doo engine, which was integrated in the racing car with turbo. Especially for this racing season, the students developed their own turbocharger in cooperation with BRP-Rotax.

The Formula Student events were already held in Italy, Austria and Germany this year. From September, 4th to 8th 2018 the Weasels will be the only European team starting in Japan. Participants compete in two disciplines: statics (sales presentation, cost tracking and design) and dynamics (long distance, acceleration, skid plate, sprint and fuel consumption). The competition is not won only by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of endurance, design, and financial and sales planning.

This year, the Weasels scored good results with their jr18 compared to other teams:

  • Italy: 14th rank
  • Austria: 8th rank
  • Germany: 9th rank

Good luck for the rest of the season!

Photo: © Formula Student Germany / Alastair Rankin

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