Writing your thesis, internships, etc.

University and advanced technical college students who write their Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other final year thesis with us, or who complete work experience with us, get to see technological innovation up close and put their finger on the pulse of an international business.

We help you to gain new experiences and insights at the same time as allowing you to benefit from our own experience and build on our findings. Apply under one of our current topics or propose your own topic, to ensure that every page you turn is a new one.

Topics for cooperation

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Students from the fields of technology and economics, who are enthusiastic, can work professionally and share our fascination for the world of power sports.   

It depends on whether it is a compulsory internship or a dissertation project internship, so between 10 weeks and 6 months.  

We can offer you an exciting internship in an international field. Parallel to the internship, a thesis can also be written. The internship is remunerated, whereby payment is agreed in advance.

You will enter into a work contract with us. When you complete your dissertation you will receive a one-off bonus of €2,500.

On our website you will find interesting topics for dissertations in technological and commercial areas. But we would also be interested to hear from you with your own specific ideas and suggestions. 

You apply for an internship or dissertation project internship direct via our website.

If you are looking for an innovative partner for an internship or for a dissertation project internship, please apply three or four months in advance.

We work in an international arena so of course we can offer students from abroad opportunities for internships and dissertation project work. A prerequisite is knowledge of English, both oral and written.

  • Development of strategies for simplified modelling of rolling bearings in finite element programmes
  • Planning, implementation, support and evaluation of a customer benefits analysis
  • Model-driven development of an operating strategy with automated gear selection for a parallel hybrid leisure vehicle
  • Concept for a system for make-or-buy decisions at BRP-Rotax
  • Controlling and corporate social responsibility at BRP-Rotax
  • Corporate social responsibility and corporate strategy at BRP-Rotax: women in a technological company
  • Evaluation of the Forte software package for computational mapping of combustion processes.
  • Design of more flexible assembling at the Gunskirchen site
  • Wear performance of bearing shells
  • Optimisation of tool life when processing cast-in grey-iron cylinder liners
  • Efficiency improvement by linking the manufacturing execution system with total productive maintenance for manufacturing enterprises.


Working at BRP-Rotax opens the doors to new challenges and a professional work environment that allows you to push forward with your career. We look forward to receiving your application.

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