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Unsolicited application

Take the initiative and apply to us, even if no job openings are showing on our database. Send in a speculative application, describing yourself and your education, training, qualifications, expectations and goals.

BRP-Rotax career opportunities offer numerous exciting challenges.


Found a job posting that interests you or want to send us a speculative application? Then it’s best to upload your application documents as a PDF file.


To ensure we select the right people, we take the time to evaluate your application documents thoroughly, and look at whether your previous employment experience, training and your expectations match one or maybe even more of our open positions.


If we see potential for future collaboration we contact you personally to arrange for you to attend an interview.


Interviewing you personally is your first opportunity to discuss your skills, qualifications and salary expectations with our team. Colleagues from the relevant department will also be present in order to answer any questions about the position. We want to understand your needs so that we can give you optimum support in attaining your professional goals. In most cases, this first conversation takes place virtually. In the next step, you will of course have the opportunity to get a picture of us on site.


In addition to your technical expertise, your attitude and approach is of particular importance to us. Our company culture is characterized by strong values that we live out on a day-to-day basis. We may use psychometric testing and behavioral profile analysis as part of the selection process.


You will receive an offer explaining the compensation for the position as well as all general conditions.


When you sign your contract you step into your future – welcome to BRP-Rotax!


From your very first day, you‘ll be included as an integral part of the team. You‘ll have an induction period that is tailored to your individual needs, to enable you to gain the required knowledge and integrate into our culture.

The onboarding program lasts around three months and includes standard in-house training, individual professional training and regular feedback discussions with your line manager and HR manager. Thus, you will gain the necessary knowledge and be able to absorb our culture.

During this first phase you‘ll be given mentors, to help you get to grips with your new working environment as easily, quickly and effectively as possible.

BE PART OF OUR SUCCESS STORY We look forward to receiving your application. To job openings