LYNX opens new winter adventures with a new snowmobile platform, more models and the EasyRide rear suspension

? New Xterrain crossover model in Radien platform
? Reborn 49 Ranger and Xtrim SC models introducing the new Radien-X platform
? Rotax 600R E-TEC engine option for Xterrain, Rave RE and 49 Ranger models
? EasyRide rear suspension in the Commander lineup

Hemavan, Sweden, March 13, 2018 – BRP (TSX:DOO) just unveiled its 2019 Lynx snowmobile lineup, which promises an incredible rider experience with a new Radien-X platform, a new Xterrain crossover model, the EasyRide rear suspension and the Rotax 600R E-TEC engine. The new models are being introduced at a dealer meeting held in Hemavan, Sweden.

The ultimate crossover snowmobile for the demanding adventurer
BRP is expanding its offering in the crossover snowmobile segment by introducing the brand-new Lynx Xterrain model. It combines the characteristics of a sports sled along with unique adventure features and strong deep-snow performance.

"The Lynx Xterrain is a full-blooded race sled born in a deep-snow sled’s body. It was designed for the demanding adventurers who are always looking for the next challenge in arctic conditions,” says Valto Ristimella, Commercial Director, BRP Scandinavia.

The Xterrain models are available with the Rotax 850 E-TEC and the new Rotax 600R E-TEC engines. The Rotax 600R E-TEC was designed to excite riders with quick throttle response and high power-to-weight ratios. It is also offered in the 2019 Lynx Rave and 49 Ranger models.

New Radien-X platform
The new Radien-X platform is introduced in the popular Lynx 49 Ranger and Xtrim SC models, bringing their versatility, handling and comfort to a new level.

"Since its introduction in 2010, the Lynx 49 Ranger has been one of the most popular snowmobiles in the Nordic countries. We have collected a lot of customer input throughout the years that has now been materialized in the brand new 49 Ranger models,” says Ristimella.

EasyRide rear suspension
Lynx innovations in the wide-track category continue with the introduction of the EasyRide rear suspension, featured in the Commander lineup. The entirely new rear suspension improves the traction and riding comfort of a wide-track snowmobile. The suspension’s simple structure, which makes it 10 kg lighter than its predecessor, together with a low angle of attack, improves the snowmobile’s capability in deep snow.

"The articulated rear end in the EasyRide suspension automatically adjusts when accelerating, towing or reversing, providing optimal performance in each situation,” explains Ristimella.

Luxurious Super Wide Track
The 69 Ranger Snow Cruiser is a new offering in the super wide track category. Powered by the Rotax 900 ACE engine and equipped with a heated 2-up seat, an electronically controlled rear suspension and a studded 600-mm wide track, this snowmobile provides unforeseen comfort in the category.

"At Lynx, we are close to our customers. We face the same conditions as they do and we are obsessed about designing snowmobiles that allow us to beat those conditions, however extreme they are. The Lynx 2019 lineup is a great showcase of this philosophy,” concludes Ristimella.

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations