Lynx creates new playground opportunities with the reborn commander and the first-ever turbocharged Lynx snowmobile models

Levi, Finland, March 12, 2019 – BRP (TSX:DOO; NASDAQ:DOOO) just unveiled its 2020 Lynx snowmobile lineup, which promises an incredible rider experience with a reborn Commander wide-tracked crossover model, the Rotax 900 ACE Turbo engine option, more options with short tunnel in the BoonDocker family, and the Rave RE cross-country model with 3,500mm track length. The new models were just introduced at the BRP Dealer Meeting, an event attended by dealers, distributors and media representatives.                                                

Europe’s most popular snowmobile is reborn

BRP is upgrading the riding experience in the wide-tracked crossover snowmobile segment by introducing the reborn Lynx Commander model. For 2020, Europe’s top-selling snowmobile model is now built on the Radien-X platform and is also ready to receive a selection of utility accessories.

"Since its introduction for model year 2009, the Lynx Commander has been the top-selling snowmobile in Europe, as it redefined the wide-track category. We are now taking the experience to a whole new level with an even lighter, stronger, more agile and versatile Commander,” says Valto Ristimella, Commercial Director, BRP Scandinavia.

The Commander models are available with Rotax 600R E-TEC, 900 ACE and 900 ACE Turbo engine options.

First-ever Lynx snowmobile with factory-installed turbo

The 2020 Lynx Commander and Xterrain models come with the option of the Rotax 900 ACE Turbo engine, making them the first-ever Lynx models with factory-installed turbo. The first turbocharged engine designed and built in-house by Rotax delivers 150 horsepower with great reliability, enhanced fuel economy, and exceptional throttle response.

More options for deep snow riding

In 2018, BRP disrupted the deep-snow snowmobile segment with the introduction of the Lynx BoonDocker DS model. Its short tunnel design provides several advantages for deep snow riding, contributing to the stability and agility of the snowmobile. For the 2020 lineup, the short tunnel will also be available in the BoonDocker RE and BoonDocker 600R E-TEC packages.

"Short tunnel snowmobiles have been well received by our customers. Now riders with a performance-oriented riding style can enjoy their many benefits. The new BoonDocker RE package combines the short tunnel design with high-capacity shock absorption, making it ideal for extreme backcountry riding,” explains Ristimella. The short tunnel option will be available for spring 2019 pre-orders only. "BoonDocker 600R E-TEC offers a great combination of power and easy handling, making it the nimblest BoonDocker ever,” Ristimella promises.

Rave RE gets taller

The 2020 Lynx Rave RE introduces the PPS2 3500 rear suspension based on the suspension earlier introduced in Lynx Xtrim RE. The 3500 mm long track offers improved traction and stability, further enhancing Rave RE’s trademark riding features.

Personalize your ride

The Lynx clothing lineup features technical riding gear, specifically designed for snowmobilers. A new introduction in the Lynx riding gear lineup is the Quantum Vario riding suit that features a breathable, water- and windproof shell jacket and a removable insulation jacket, for great versatility in all-season use. The Quantum Vario suit comes in three different color combinations.

In addition, the Lynx accessory lineup for the Radien platform will expand by more than 100 new accessories, providing more ways than ever to customize your Lynx snowmobile.

"At Lynx, we believe that riders should be able to make the most of every day of winter. For us, it’s about being ready for nature’s toughest challenges. The 2020 Lynx product lineup is designed to provide the right gear to let you enjoy every moment,” concludes Ristimella.


Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations