BULLETIN: Lynx and Ski-Doo Racing

Petter Nårsa and Lynx win the FIM Snowcross World Championship - Lynx and Ski-Doo snowcross racers swept the trophy table in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi (Finland) 13th April 2021 – Swedish Lynx rider Petter Nårsa was crowned the 2021 FIM Snowcross World Champion last weekend in Rovaniemi.

Nårsa had a good start for the race weekend by clocking the fastest time in Friday’s qualifying session, just a 0.001 second ahead of a Ski-Doo pilot and the ruling ISOC Pro class champion Elias Ishoel (Norway).

In the first final heat on Saturday, Nårsa took a great start and he was leading the pack almost the whole 15 min + 2 lap session. Ishoel, who was stuck in a crash in the opening corner, made an incredible rise back to winning battle and overtook the race leader Nårsa at the end of the heat. In the second heat, Ishoel had a great start and was leading the race until he fell down and had a technical issue in his sled. Nårsa kept up his fast pace without any mistakes and was the first rider who saw the checkered flag after a consistent race performance.

With solid performance, finishing second and first in the two final heats, Petter Nårsa took his first ever FIM Snowcross World Champion title. The podium sweep by the Lynx riders was completed by the Swedes John Stenberg (2nd in total points) and Emil Hansson (3rd).

Nårsa, 29, didn’t hide his emotions after a huge victory after the race. "I said in an interview when I was 12 years old that I wanted to be World Champion and I’m good now. I’ll keep going”, he promised.

The Women’s World Cup competition was dominated by the Arnesson sisters from Sweden. Thea Arnesson (Lynx) won the first final heat and her younger sister Hilda (Lynx) was victorious in the second final. The sisters tied on points for the title but thanks to Hilda’s win in the second heat, she took the championship.

"I really didn’t think I would be on the top of the podium, but in the second race I took a good start and then just rode, and I won!”, 16-year-old Hilda Arnesson rejoiced on the top of the podium.

Swedish Hilda Öhman (Ski-Doo) finished 3rd in the Women’s World Cup race.

Mäntyvaara snowcross track was also the stage for the Men’s European Championship race, which was dominated by Ski-Doo riders. The Swede Gustav Sahlsten (Ski-Doo) showed overwhelming performance by winning both of the final heats. Gustav Salomonsson (Ski-Doo) from Sweden took the European Championship silver medal before Finnish Topi Posti (Ski-Doo) who finished third.

Photos: Jari Lauri

Andrea Veitschegger

Public Relations