Perfect cooperation leads to excellent success

Perfect cooperation leads to excellent success

An invitation to tender for the Master’s thesis at the university Leoben drew Peter Christoph Müllner’s attention to BRP-Rotax. He finally decided to do his Master’s thesis with the title “Reduction of non-compliant supplier parts in engine construction” in cooperation with our company.

For the practical part of his master’s thesis, Peter Christoph Müllner did an internship in the Supplier Quality team around Markus Hamedinger and Markus Trinkl.

Through operational benchmarks with external benchmarking partners, potentials for further improvement of supplier quality was determined. Based on the results of an extensive data analysis, Mr. Müllner developed a tool with which the effects of supplier errors on supplier quality can be evaluated in a multidimensional way.

“Completing a Master’s thesis with excellent success is only possible in a team that harmoniously works together in subject-specific topics as well as in the personal sphere. Besides the technical input, an adventurous Ski-Doo event with the Rotax-Team will stay in my mind as a very special memory. Grateful for the expriences, I look back to the exciting time at BRP-Rotax nostalgically.”, said Peter Christoph Müllner as a summary.

Congratulations on your success! We wish you all the best for your future!

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