BRP-Rotax Climate Event

BRP-Rotax Climate Event

Gunskirchen, 22. September 2020 - A real successful event was the “European Car Free Day” at BRP-Rotax. This take place annually as part of the European mobility week. An initiative of the European Commission to protect environment and health.

More than 70 employees join in the action and came per bicycle, by public transport or their own feet to work, instead of driving their car. This means that a total of 70 kilometers by car could be saved. The record was set by an employee. He cycled 50 kilometers to work.

As a thank you for all participants there was a healthy breakfast bag. This event is already a tradi-tion at BRP-Rotax and has been well accepted by the employees. Like every year there is a spe-cial motto for this day. This year’s slogan is “Thank you for driving with your bike”. 2000 Cities, underneath 500 from Austria, took part.
„Thank you for driving per car” is the motto of the “European Car Free Day 2020”. 500 Austrian and 2000 worldwide cities take part at this event – for our environment, active climate protection and of course, health, fitness and fun.

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